Case Studies

Check out our latest XFrame load-bearing and internal fit-out projects.


ANZ Enfield

XFrame has provided ANZ with a unique solution to fulfil its vision of modular, reconfigurable and adaptable retail store offering, meeting the very highest standard of circular design.

Based on Breathe Architect’s design vision, XFrame has developed a custom fitout solution for ANZ’s retail stores to meet exact design specifications and finishes. Assembled off-site and comprising a series of modular walls and roof frames, ANZ’s meeting, kitchen and customer facing spaces are then rapidly installed on site. Panels are delivered with pre-installed recycled PET insulation, modular electrical wiring and FSC certified Tasmanian Oak Veneer linings. Installation of these rooms is completed within a matter of days.   

Read more about this project here.



XFrame interior partitions were used in this co-working office fit-out to form light-weight office wall partitioning. Envisioning that changes may be needed to the space over time, XFrame was reversibly fixed to all the adjacent surfaces. Powder coated sheet metal wall linings in 600mm square diamonds were mounted to the frame using XFrame's in-house reversible pressure lining clip. These linings permitted an 8m long and 2.5m high magnetic whiteboard on all wall sides. The smaller panels also means that it is possible for building occupants to quickly make changes.


Studio 9

90mm XFrame parts were installed using a 'zero make-good' floor-to-wall and wall-to-ceiling fixing solution for a Studio 9 Architects' office expansion. This solution allowed the partitions to be installed without any penetrations through an epoxy sealed floor, meaning make-good is hassle-free when the partitions need to be removed. Both part height and full height wall frames were lined with a combination of 12mm Acoustic EchoPanel and 12mm European Birch Ply.



Another commercial office fit-out using XFrame interior partitions, 70 XFrame panels that were 2.7m high were installed over the course of one week. Five different lining materials (12mm acoustic recycled PET, 12mm birch plywood, 12mm particle white board and 12mm polycarbonate) were prefabricated and installed using XFrame’s hidden pressure clips.

The entire fit-out was installed with minimal floor and ceiling penetrations, which will enable it to be removed and reused elsewhere in the future.


Assembly Three

Assembly Three Suite+ is an XFrame demonstration project currently under construction in Adelaide, South Australia. Designed to push the architectural limits of XFrame, this 75m2 mezzanine building is comprised of 3500 parts of XFrame, 180 of which are unique to the design.


Galloway 10

Galloway 10 was XFrame's demonstration project showcasing the technology’s potential to deliver high performance housing while utilising a local supply chain. Manufactured 5km from site and achieving passive house level thermal and air control, Galloway 10 represents the very best of the XFrame technology.

Prototype Specifications:

  • R2.6 (140mm) Autex GreenStuf recycled polyester insulation.

  • 12mm straw-board internal wall linings (exposed bolt fix).

  • Double-glazed SmartFit window and doors.

  • Colorsteel CustomORB Corrugated Steel Cladding and Flashing (courtesy of Steel and Tube New Zealand Limited).

  • Abodo Thermally Modified 12mm Vulcan Ply Cladding in 1200m shingles.

  • Abodo Thermally Modified 12mm Vulcan Ply 2nds as rigid sheathing.

  • MicroPro® treated castellated cavity battens.