XFrame ANZ Breathe

XFrame has provided ANZ with a unique solution to fulfil its vision of modular, reconfigurable and adaptable retail store offering, meeting the very highest standard of circular design.


XFrame wall and roof framing allows the ANZ Breathe retail experience, designed by multi-award winning Breathe Architecture, to achieve an entirely new standard of retail fit-out adaptability and circularity.

Based on Breathe Architect’s design vision, XFrame has developed a custom fitout solution for ANZ’s retail stores to meet exact design specifications and finishes. Assembled off-site and comprising a series of modular walls and roof frames, ANZ’s meeting, kitchen and customer facing spaces are then rapidly installed on site. Panels are delivered with pre-installed recycled PET insulation, modular electrical wiring and FSC certified Tasmanian Oak Veneer linings. Installation of these rooms is completed within a matter of days.   

XFrame provides ANZ with a complete circular store fitout solution, allowing it to fulfill its vision of a branch that can be easily reconfigured as needs change over time while taking advantage of carbon sequestering materials and local manufacturing.


Modular Design

600mm and 1200mm modular wall panels 2700mm high. Structurally independent spaces (floor anchors only). Integrated roof/lid system spanning 3m. Fully reversible fixed exterior and interior lining panels (prefinished in the factory).


Project Highlights

Bespoke curved modular corner posts designed to meet designers’ custom specifications. Lining panel modularisation to match designers’ custom specifications. Acoustically sealed negative shadow detail between lining panels. Prefabricated and reversibly fastened 12mm acoustic ceiling treatment. Each room supplied with its own prefabricated ‘plug ‘n’ play’ electrical kit. Precision cut prefabricated recycled polyester insulation components. Hush Acoustic 12mm laminated glazing panels in XFrame designed prefabricated frames.


Install and Finishes

Full store prefabrication in 4 to 6 weeks (including glazing, linings, wall and roof frames, and ceilings frames). Entirely fabricated on flatbed CNC milling equipment. Sub 1mm tolerances as standard. Installation (on-site) <4 days. Validated multi-cycle performance (deconstruction and reconstruction).

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