Creating spaces designed for change.

We are a circular economy construction technology platform and provide modular demountable spatial systems for commercial, retail, residential, and institutional clients. We make it possible to easily change buildings without creating waste.

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Systems, not Products.

XFrame is a circular building system. This means linings (and claddings) connect to the frame using easily reversible fixing methods unique to the XFrame system. Reversible wall linings allow changes to be easily made, minimising the mess and waste normally created when change is required.


End-to-end Automation.

XFrame takes advantage of a series of proprietary in-house automation workflows to rapidly design and deploy the XFrame technology. Using this infrastructure, we provide builders with detailed project-specific assembly instructions and documentation to make adoption of the XFrame system hassle-free.


Optimised by Design.

XFrame parts are precision-milled from engineered radiata pine plywood. They have been optimised over time to make the most efficient use of available materials. Our standard parts are cut, leaving nothing but sawdust.


Precision at Scale.

XFrame is designed around a unique diagonal grid geometry that unlocks precision at scale. Triangulated panels are laterally resilient, always square and materially efficient. This reliable and stable panel design allows linings, glazing systems as well as claddings to be joint using precise and reversible fixing systems.


XFrame works to eliminate building waste through circularity.

30% of all waste is a result of building, renovation and demolition activities. XFrame directly addresses this by deploying a structure that is designed for end-of-life deconstruction, reconfiguration and reuse. The frame also enables all adjoining wall layers (internal wall linings and claddings) to be reversibly connected in a manner that maintains their inherent value.

It is our ambition to aid in the transition of the building industry from a linear economy to a circular economy. As part of our role we are working to establish XFrame as a platform technology in which supplementary technologies and systems can be developed. XFrame aims to begin the transition to circularity in construction by offering a structural frame that is capable of facilitating the recovery and reuse of almost all building layers.

XFrame is a research-driven company. We aim to grow the construction industry's understanding of the importance of circular building design and frequently work with academia to provide new circular-centric building technologies.