Wall. In a box.

XFrame kit-wall panels are an instant solution to office privacy and improved workplace productivity. Avoid the mess, waste and delays that come with permanent fixed partitioning solutions. XFrame kit-wall panels are DIY friendly, easily reconfigured and can customised as required to match your office space. Panels are useful for acoustic reverberation control, privacy screens, mobile pin-up or whiteboards, or simply as modular space dividers.

The wall panel arrives flat-packed in a compact box and can be assembled by one person. All supplied parts are part of the XFrame Circular eco-system and are designed to be easily separated at end-of-life.

Wall Product Summary

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Environmental Statement

Understand what materials make up your XFrame office product.

Wall Assembly Drawings

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Configure. And then reconfigure.

The XFrame system makes it possible to massively customise your kit-wall.

  • XFrame Kit-Wall products come as standard with a 9mm inset acoustic backing and a plywood backed whiteboard. The acoustic panel is made from 70% recycled (minimum) polyester fibers. These panels are precision cut using drag-knife manufacturing technology. Every in-set acoustic panel is identical - allowing multiple colorways to be mixed, swapped, and replaced as desired.

  • If you are looking for something a little more discrete the inset panels can be removed and a rectangular 12mm acoustic panel can be clipped over the frame. This configuration is ideal for classroom environments or for when the panels need to disappear into the background.

  • The height of XFrame panels can be adjusted as required. Want a narrow panel to close-out a space? Require a panel but not quite so high? Each module is 525mm and all parts are backwards compatible with smaller sizes.

  • Discrete feet options are available. Choose from our stable and cost effective 'tri-foot' system or choose a low-profile minimal steel option.


Circularity inside-out.

Our workspace products are designed to be easily reconfigured and redeployed to ensure they stay in service for as long as possible. When an XFrame workspace product is no longer fit for purpose the parts can be easily separated, reconfigured and reused. This functionality makes XFrame a Circular Economy workspace furniture solution.

  • Read more about the circular economy and XFrame here (coming soon).

  • Precision cut Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified engineered timber components form a standardised and stable modular frame across our range of products.

  • XFrame manufactures all timber frame components in the country of purchase using locally available timber products where possible. XFrame tracks the origin of all wood products used in a project/product.

  • Linings, Claddings and other accessories are all reversibly fixed to the XFrame structure that do not cause damage at the time of separation. All complementary materials/systems are selected based on their circular merit.

  • Acoustic panels are held within the frame using compression, eliminating the need for adhesives and allowing parts to be easily replaced if damaged or upgraded as required.