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XMini. Save Space.

An acoustically controlled space ideal for busy offices that are short on space. XMini uses the adaptable kit of XFrame parts to create a snug mini-booth perfect for chaining together or fitting amongst an already established workspace.

The XFrame Mini Booth has been designed to fit efficiently in and around the superstructure of the office space and take advantage of previously underutilized floor space. Another advantage of the Mini's compact footprint is that it can be easily set-up in difficult to access office spaces.

XMini Product Summary

Find product dimensions, weight and configuration options.

XMini Assembly Instructions

Here for when it's time to assemble yours.

Environmental Statement

Understand what materials make up your XFrame office product.

Acoustic Performance Report

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Circularity inside-out.

Our office products are designed to be easily reconfigured and redeployed. Precision cut Forrest Stewardship Council Certified timber components form a standardised, stable frame across our range of products. Acoustic material is held within the frame using unique compression fixings, eliminating the need for adhesives and allowing parts to be easily replace in case of damage.