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An acoustically controlled space ideal for video calling and phone calls in open offices. XBooth uses the XFrame kit-of-parts to create a generous quiet space with unique interior exposed frame.

XBooth is the perfect spot to tuck away for extend online meetings or when you need a break from your desk to get work done.

Acoustic Report

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Environmental Statement

Understand what materials make up your XFrame office product.

XBooth Assembly Instructions

Here for when it’s time to assemble yours.

XBooth Product Summary

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Circularity inside-out.

Our office products are designed to be easily reconfigured and redeployed. Precision cut FSC timber components form a standardised, stable frame across our range of products. Acoustic material is held within the frame using unique compression fixings, eliminating the need for nasty adhesives and allowing parts to be easily replace in case of damage or when you feel like a change of style and colour.


Precision meets elegance.

The same attention to precision has been equally applied to our product design resulting in not only hundreds of hours of research and development but also hundreds of hours of prototyping and user-testing and design-reviews.