Designed to change so you don't have to.

A set of premium carbon sequestering light-weight flexible framing parts designed to enable circular office soft fit-outs.


Twelve standard components.

Workstation enclosures. Space dividers. Single, double and four-person meeting rooms. Teleconferencing booths.


Our Standard Range


Every part tells a story.

XFrame Office is circular by design.

The XFrame Office system has been developed to the same circular standards as our full-scale wall framing products. XFrame Office also uses the same reversible lining fixing methods and acoustic detail solutions adopted in our commercial fit-out wall framing technology. These features ensure XFrame Office remains a durable, reconfigurable and multi-lifecycle office furniture solution.

XFrame is proud to manufacture its framing product using local manufacturing capabilities in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Local manufacturing minimises the product's carbon footprint and ensures high levels of quality control in every piece.

XFrame only uses FSC® Certified engineered wood products. Wherever possible, XFrame also strives to use locally grown, harvested and processed materials.

Need something custom? No problem.

While other furniture products constrain you to their designs, sizes and colour palettes, XFrame can easily adjust to meet your brief. Chain booths together, extend meeting rooms, or order linings to match your workspace colours and branding.

Whether it's lilac acoustic linings or a hub of booths for a tight space, get in touch with us to tailor an XFrame solution!